Radiology Technician – School Programs, Job Description, Requirements

Radiology Technician – School Programs, Job Description, Requirements

Find schools that offer certified radiology technician training. These programs will prepare students for the actual jobs available in this relevant and rewarding field. This job requires competent math skills, attention to detail, problem-solving and ability to use radiology equipment safely. These healthcare jobs also require the knowledge and skills to safely move and position ill or injured patients. This is a fast-paced job that requires stamina, lifting, moving heavy equipment and an ability to be autonomous in high-pressure situations. Most students opt for an A.D. program, but others with medical backgrounds may try a certificate program.

Requirements for Becoming a Radiology Tech

A high school diploma or G.E.D. is a requirement for any of these radiology technician training programs and schools. Precise measurements are taken to complete X-Ray duties. A background in math is preferred. Good people skills and effective communication skills are both necessary. This job often requires dealing with very sick, hurting or anxious patients. As the healthcare provider, the radiology tech needs to remain calm and reassuring while performing these job duties. There are some B.S. radiology tech programs, and many today are starting out with convenient online courses.

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Those that pass all of the necessary theory classwork and skills testing will need to pass a certification exam. These state exams will require continuing education additional requirements to keep the certification current. Some states also require further training and testing to obtain a license. Other states will accept the certification as a requirement for the licensing. Rules and specific educational and certification/licensing requirements differ for various states. Additionally, some jobs will require more training that is typically performed while on-the-job.

What is a Radiology Technician?

A radiology technician is an important member of the healthcare team. They typically are employed by hospitals and stand-alone emergency care clinics. Some other outpatient facilities may also require these professionals. Often, a radiology technician will rotate around to perform their specialized duties as needed. It is common to see these techs working on hospital floors, in radiology departments, in emergency rooms, inside ICU departments, within the surgical suites and more places. This challenging field gives plenty of patient interaction. As a tech gains experience, he/she may assist in training new employees at some time later on.

Job Description of a Radiology Technician

The job duties of a radiology technician include the following:

  • Transport Special Radiology Equipment
  • Position Patients to Get a Readable X-Ray
  • Interpret Findings
  • Patient Education When Needed – (Note – a tech does not diagnose, nor give results to patients)
  • Technological Maintenance, Set Ups and Other Duties
  • Care of Films
  • Obtain and Calculate Accurate Measurements
  • Operation of All Radiology Equipment
  • Consult With Doctors, Nurses and Other Staff
  • Specialty Areas Extra Duties

A person learning to be a radiology technician will need to learn basic human anatomy, sterile technique, medical skills related to job position, medical terminology, medical charting, processing and analyzing results, how to move immobile or compromised patients safely, proper patient transport and lifting procedures and other duties required in certain specialty areas. While this job does not have many opportunities for career advancement, many find that being in the medical field enables them to gain experience that could translate well if ever going into nursing or other healthcare position. Some get into related sales, education or consulting.